Monday, 16 November 2015

Mock Ups & Motifs

During last Thursday's session working on the banner we started laying out the text to try out different ways to structure the design. We agreed it would be a good idea to wait until the motifs are designed before positioning the text or cutting the backing fabric to size, so we can make sure there is enough space for everything. 

Below are some possible layouts, although they may evolve again as the collaboration develops. The backing fabric will be dyed to fit in with the shared colour palette too.

Possible layout for the backing fabric


Possible text layout

We made a rough guide to the size of some of the motifs that will go on the banner (see image below). The motifs could be oval, square or irregular shaped and most people are going to make two, one for each side of the banner, that mirror each other slightly.

Here are a few images to show how people's ideas are developing...

Liz did some experiments with fabric textures, colours and patterns...

Diana tried different combinations of colours and backdrops for her industrial cog motif...

Mary is planning two floral motifs inspired by canal-boat painting. Joan was inspired by the two images below to design a 'paper-piecing' motif based on lock gates.

We decided to meet again in January, to give people a chance to develop their ideas and to give a bit of space around the busy Christmas period.