Wednesday, 30 March 2016

Collaborative Labour


We had a banner meet up on the 24th March. Above are Liz and Joan's sections of the banner in progress. They are using the same palette of fabrics to compose different views of the canal. The colours are very beautiful and make me think of a spring evening on the Montgomery canal. Liz has been inspired by a book on machine embroidery and has added lots of fine stitches over the top of her fabric panels. Joan's composition (on the left) is very dynamic, giving the impression you are just about to go through the lock gates.

Yes, it's banner mock up Mark III! (see above). Liz and Joan's pieces are in position but not yet in their hexagonal border. The velvet text has been completed and now reads, 'Montgomery Canal, To The Future'. The golden fringing, just visible bottom right, will add the finishing touch. You can't have a banner without fringing!

Gillian continued with her fish design, and Diane's cog section was added to the top left of the banner. The next and final meet up will be in April or early May, when we will add Mary's section and finally stitch everything together.